Logistics Support

Get your goods on the road to their final destination. The cost of distribution can really add up when you factor in the cost of transport from manufacturing to the warehouse, from assembly to packaging and from there to distribution. Therefore it makes sense to get it all under one roof. Our transport solutions are tailored to fit your overall specifications. It is not just about delivering your product; it is also about delivering reliability in a cost-effective manner



Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Integrated order processing and inventory control system
  • Order processed orders upon receipt
  • Packaging to your company’s specifications
  • Delivery to customer

istockphoto_5216755-on-the-roadVendor Hubbing

  • SSL maintains partnerships with several manufacturing companies
  • These manufacturing companies stock their material with us
  • SSL provide the important service of delivering the Suppliers parts to the manufacturing companies as required

Benefits of Vendor Hubbing

  • Minimise inventory
  • Reduce space requirements
  • Reduce labour requirements
  • Reduce risk of stock-outs and obsolescence.

Reverse Logistics

Specialists in reverse logistics making sure that your customers are never burdened with what they cannot use.
The job does not stop when you get the product to your customer, you must also have a plan on how to bring it back. FlexiBiz can help you plan and implement an effective reverse logistics solution for all of your potential requirements.

  • Managing returns
  • Recycling
  • Disposal of waste packaging