What We Do

Flexibiz offer flexible solutions to your key business processes. Our aim is eliminate your fixed costs.

Our Platforms

Our solutions cross every aspect of the supply chain. From product build right through to product delivery and beyond, our knowledge and expertise helps to make your business run efficiently and smoothly. We tailor individual solutions for your unique requirements. Our global services include customer service, purchasing, warehousing, assembly, packaging, transport, reverse logistics and administration support.

Key fixed costs such as space labour and other overheads will now be replaced by one invoice per month reflecting costs in line with your customer demands.

We invite you to come and meet with one of the FlexiBiz team to see how your business can benefit by plugging into FlexiBiz.


Flexible Solutions

By plugging into FlexiBizís flexible solutions you can eliminate Fixed Costs!


Supply Chain Solutions

The key to an effective supply chain is to plan it carefully. At FlexiBiz we can help you to map the complete process, ensuring an effective supply chain. Our skilled team can also offer administrative support throughout the supply chain process.


Customer Support

At FlexiBiz, our business is all about helping you to make your business work! As such we provide a range of add-on services from Customer Visits and Feedback to Flexible Office Space.


Order Management

The key to keeping your business on track is an effective order management system. At Flexibiz we utilise SAP Systems to provide a streamlined Order Management process.


Logistics Support

Get your goods on the road to their final destination. Full Logistic Services from Pick, Pack and Ship; Vendor Hubbing to Reverse Logistics.


Flexible Warehousing

Eliminate your fixed costs by utilising our flexible fully bonded warehousing. Vendor Hubbing, Sub Assembly and Kitting are just some of the resources to tap into.

FlexiBiz is part of the SSL Group, one of Irelandís leading logistics companies.